Hardwired is a progressive rock / fusion band from Jacksonville Florida. Hardwired was formed in 2003 by guitarist Eric Miley, and drummers Derick Hardwick, Gary Demonbreun, Travis Coleman, and Francis Patton.

At it’s core, Hardwired is guitar driven music, but it also features saxophone, keyboards, vocals, and some amazing guest players both known and unknown. (see personnel)

Hardwired Personnel:


Hardwired II (2015)

Eric Miley – Guitar/bass
Travis Coleman – Drums  tracks 1,5,6
Derick Hardwick – Drums  tracks 2,3
Francis Patton – Drums  tracks 4,7
Karen Jackson – Vocals
Luis Polacios – Saxophone
Michael Murphy – Keyboards
Eddie Hidalgo – Bass  track 7
Brett Garsed – Main Solo Guitars/Slide Track 6
Chris Poland – Main Solo Guitars   Track 5

Geographic Anomlay (2005)

Eric Miley – Guitar/bass
Karen Jackson – Vocals
Greg Sharp – Saxophone
Carrie Wilson – Keyboards
Travis Coleman – Drums  tracks 1,3,5,6
Gary Demonbreun – Drums  tracks 4,7
Derick Hardwick – Drums  tracks 2,8,9

2005 release “Geographic Anomaly”

Check it out on AMAZON here

Hardwired Radio Stations

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